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Brian's Death

On October 22, 2005 Brian was found hanging in his cell at Eastern Correction Facility (ECI) in Westover Maryland.  My family received a call from the Chaplain of the prison around 6:00 pm est. to tell us about Brian passing.  However, to give some background: Brian was sentenced to two and half years for Theft over $1,000 & malicious destruction at ECI which were to be served in the pre-release section of the prison.  This would allow for Brian to be eligible for work release and the ability to attend group and counseling sessions, however since the pre-release center was full Brian was put in the minimum/maximum part of prison until a space opened up.   So, to put it bluntly Brian was in prison with individuals who were serving LIFE for murder, rape, manslaughter, assault etc.  So, here was Brian in with the big boys when he should not even have been placed there in the first place.  From the start Brian told us that he was not comfortable in there, and that many of the men were picking on him and wanting him to join one of the gangs that were in there.  He told us how the guards treated them badly, and how that they were treated un-humane.   So, earlier in the week leading up to Brian’s death he was attacked by two other inmates that were trying to take Brian’s food and snacks from him, and as a result they got in a fight.  Which was two against one, and Brian was trying to defend himself, but as a result they were all sent down to lock up (the hole).  So Brian was in the whole that entire week, on Friday October 21st  my parents received a letter from Brian telling them about the fight and explaining that he lost phone privileges but that he was looking forward to us coming down the following weekend for a visit.  Then, on Saturday around 3:00 pm they found him in the cell hanging from a rope.  Now, any of us who have working in the correction system or know anything about the correction system, know that when you go to lock up you are stripped of anything, and most times do not have clothes, sheets, shoe strings etc.  So, when we were told that Brian hung himself with a rope I questioned that.  How did he get a rope in prison, not to mention lock up when they are stripped of everything.  Not like he ran out to Home Depo to buy one?  So, this is still very puzzling to my family as to how he got the rope? Also why wasn’t he checked on because the guards do rounds every 15 minutes and they should have seen something.  And why did it take them till around 6:00 pm to call my family when he was found around 3:00?  We also do not understand why Brian would have done this, there was no indication that he was suicidal or that he wanted to hurt himself.  Just the letter that my parents got the day before was upbeat and positive and he was so much looking forward to seeing us.  However, there are still so many unanswered questions that my family needs answered. 


Now, I do believe that you must do the time for your crimes that is why we have laws in place.  But, what I do not agree with is the fact that we treat the inmates like they are animals, there is a certain amount of decency and health care that is needed.  But like many of the stories in the papers recently it seems that the correction facilities in Delaware as well as Maryland are under scrutiny for the care of the inmates.  There is something that needs to be done to put a stop to the mistreatment of inmates.  


We ask that you write to your local congress people and tell them to inquire into the treatment of inmates in the correction institutes by you because if we do not bring awareness to this no one will.



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